Special offers
Full Board
Being in GOODZONE - you can safely forget what time of year it is...
Family Weekend
Nothing cheers up like a weekend with GOODZONE has already been planned ⠀ To turn your dreams into a concrete plan, we suggest booking Family Weekend now. And of course we will take care of the rest.
Girls vibes! Girls run the world…
International Women's Day with GOODZONE! ⠀ A woman of the 21st century ... she becomes a president, skillfully opens her own business, flies into space and manages aircraft, successfully occupies...
Love & Romance Special
If you suddenly plan to say special words to your loved one, make an offer, celebrate an anniversary or just have a romantic weekend, then we have a Love...
Spring All Inclusive
Time to book: incredible offer from GOODZONE...
Summer Full Board
Have you already thought about summer vacation? No? Then we have something special! Get the most out of your early Summer Full Board booking right now.
Summer Early Bird
To make this year full of travel and fun, we suggest you think now and take full advantage of your Summer Early Bird booking.
Easter with GOODZONE
We suspect that you just can't wait to plan your holidays with GOODZONE. Therefore, here is this fantastic news, having learned which you will say: "We are booking." Easter with GOODZONE...
May holidays
GOODZONE is a place where you want to stop time. For what? To endlessly walk along the forest paths, sit on the terrace with a beautiful view, drink wine...
Third Constitution Day with GOOD ZONE
If there is a holiday item in your Wish list in GOODZONE, then this news is just for you - we have opened a reservation for Trinity and Constitution...
If you want to celebrate a birthday or anniversary, to gather with friends or family, but away from prying eyes, to be alone with people close to you, then there is an exclusive "PARTY LUXE" offer for you
Rehabilitation after COVID
Rehabilitation after COVID-19 disease is mandatory. It is necessary to really take seriously the recovery process after COVID-19 and not rush to enter the normal rhythm of life.
Therapeutic fasting
Therapeutic fasting: fasting or not? Fasting restores health faster.
Detox Intensive
In 7 days during the detox program, you can lose more than three kilograms. Well, cool?
DETOX premium
If you are overweight, have tried many diets and did not get the desired result, then DETOX premium is just a godsend for you! There are many places to go...
Immune program for healthy sleep
The psychological state affects human health. Constant tension and a high degree of uncertainty lead to an imbalance in the entire body. And first of all, the immune system...
The anti-stress package includes treatments that help relieve stress and muscle tension, lift your spirits and give you new energy. Relieve stress at the TRIO Weight Loss Academy at...
Optimal weight
A program that combines the effectiveness of detox and body shaping techniques for the fastest possible weight loss with benefits for the body. An intensive course will help you...
Intensive Express program "Preparation for the celebration"
On the eve of the holidays, we all want to be beautiful and thin, it seems that you can lose weight fast only if you do not eat anything...
7-day DETOX wellness program
You will cleanse your body of all harmful only in 7 days with the DETOX program of recovery.
TRIO detox program for 10 days
Increased immunity, weight loss, well-being are all positive aspects of the 10-day detox program of the TRIO clinic. Detox program - a method of cleansing the body of toxins accumulated...
TRIO detox program for 14 days
DEEP CLEANING OF THE ORGANISM. RESULT IN 14 DAYS Intoxication reduces productivity, affects well-being and appearance. As a result of the 14-day Detox TRIO program, appetite decreases, cravings for unhealthy foods,...
TRIO detox program for 21 days
7 days, 10 or 14 - what kind of detox program do you choose? We recommend a 21 day detox program. 3-week weight correction programs allow all systems and organs to...
Gift certificates
Want to surprise? No time to choose a gift? GIFT CERTIFICATE * of the GOOD ZONE hotel is a great opportunity to give the most unforgettable and valuable emotion in the world.
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