On February 1, the TRIO Weight Loss Academy opened at the Good Zone Country Hotel

Probably, many of us were experiencing poor state of health on the background of relative health. There is no fever, no obvious signs of the disease, however, the general condition can not be called good: weakness, lethargy, a general decrease in tone ... Are you familiar? If so, it is possible that a detox program of complex cleansing of the body is needed to improve well-being. And to realize it, it will be necessary to work, because the correct detox is a whole complex, including both special nutrition, sports loads, and additional procedures. The main thing - to properly and comprehensively approach the issue and not be limited to just nutrition: sports and cosmetic procedures can harmoniously complement the diet, and the program will give a pronounced result.

The Detox program of the TRIO Clinic allows for an active detoxification of the body from slag, toxins, as well as to restore energy balance. In addition to massage and sauna, you need to undergo a course of pressotherapy, which very effectively relieves edema, including persistent, underwater shower - massage, wrap, lymphatic drainage, detox capsule IYASHI DOME, vacuum - roller massage. All this and much more awaits you at the 7-day program at the TRIO Weight Loss Academy.

Have a rest and get better in Ukraine.

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